Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bard's Town

Romantic English major that I am I like to think quaint little Bardstown was named for The Bard, Shakespeare, the great poet. Yesterday, it certainly lived up to its name. This brave town hosted a wonderful 'plein air' event called "A Brush with Bardstown" in which I participated. The stormy skies cleared, then the winds blew, and by mid-afternoon the sun reigned supreme.

By 9 AM my canvasses for the day were stamped and I was on my way to find a spot for painting. This little canvas was used to paint Bill's Barn. This is a barn just big enough to hold the antique fire truck once used by the Maker's Mark Distillery in case of fire.


  1. I love how you treat yourself to these painting adventures. This is such a sweet painting. I am crazy for small, quaint buildings. I must add this one to my minds collection. Thank you for sharing Liz.

  2. Wonderful Liz, treat yourself to a little Bourbon...after all the hard work....