Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Shape of things to come...

The Taylor Gold pears are in now and they are scrumptious. Fruit like ice cream in a brown wrapper. Next I will work on a landscape and see if I can get the shapes of trees and fields as round as the still lifes I've posted recently.


  1. Liz~ You are nailing it! Every time I check your blog I see these gorgeous fruits and veggies. Now I will look forward to one of your landscapes. I need to put to it and illustrate- with such nice weather I am easily distracted.

  2. Sister, I think all those fruits and veggies are like relatives to you. Now go forth, embrace the land like one big fruit salad! You better "shape up now!"
    I am impressed with all you do.

  3. You won my heart! I love sketches, drawings and paintings of pears. There is something of their shape, colors and the way the curve slightly on top that I love them. They also are one of my favorite fruits. xoxo