Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Birthday Gift

My birthday this year caught me off guard. And that is a good thing! I seem to have developed the habit of dreading birthdays over the last few years. Why would I dread something that was given me for surely I was not in charge of my own birth. Well, the last few years have been challenging. OK, so get over it and move ahead. Onward through the fog.

We're not in charge completely of our birth, our death, or what comes between. So a birthday, like any other day, is a kind of gift in itself. A bit of retreat/reflection gives one the perspective to see that. And it is to be appreciated! So for your birthday I have these reccomendations. Take the time to welcome it with an open heart, feel the joy in remembering others on "your " day, and then sit back and watch the day unfold(unwrap). This year so many people I love showed their love and remembered me with a call, a card, a hug, roses, gifts, and get-togethers. I felt genuine love pour in!
Spring always catches us off guard. It is such a great gift! The above painting I did when spring gave me dogwood blossoms to paint! After I take down the Christmas wreath above the mantle I replace it with this spring painting I did three years ago.


  1. Gorgeous as always~ And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    I've loved seeing you 'back at it'~

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! This painting is a beautiful gift to give yourself. My dear friend I'm glad to hear that you are embracing your birthday. It is a day created just for you! Enjoy! xoxo

  3. Liz,
    Tears of joy runneth down my cheeks, so proud of you, knowing how you have struggled with such a heavy cross, and the desire to celebrate the gift you have as a gorgeous sister, a mother, an artist and friend to many. Aware of your many talents, let them shine.
    I for one, love this painting, it is after all - all about letting the reflected light shine.
    Go forth and shine on. Are you still celebrating or has the hatchet come down with a bang.