Monday, December 8, 2008

Seasonal Opposition

The cold has announced winter's coming and Dec. 21 is the official arrival date. So I have posted my spring painting of the wild hycathinths that appear four months from now - when Spring oficially returns to Ky. Call it seasonal opposition disorder if you like - I like to 'think through' the seasons and anticipate what's on the horizon. In Kentucky we have four very well-defined seasons, each of which I enjoy. Tomorrow I will post a small painting of the bench (hiding here) in the winter snow. Season's greetings!


  1. wow, thats beautiful! It was 15 degrees here in Rhode Island this morning... brrrrrrr.

  2. I love that, to think ahead of the season. Cold here, but hope springs eternal! I have learned to embrace winter and the light of day and enjoy it- while looking forward to spring!
    I love the greens of Spring. Only 4 months to go!
    Love that painting!

  3. Nice cool colors- I like how you can see the sunlight peaking through!