Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A good composition is everything!

This simple pastel of a chair and a pot of flowers works because the chair occupies the paper plane thoroughly. I created this one sunny afternoon in 2004 when we were vacationing in Ouray, Colorado.

The chair and the pot of flowers sat by their lonesomes. I needed a subject and so combined them. Drawing the negative spaces defined by the legs and shadows of the yellow metal chair helped me re-construct the chair. I wanted the chair to touch all sides of the paper creating a firm foundation for the pot of blue.

Looking at the spaces a thing makes rather than the thing itself is a great trick for bringing an object to life.


  1. Hi Sis!
    Great tips - Indeed it is not all about the "thing" rather looking at the masses, the shapes and then of course the pleasure of actually painting. I love this one and that chair looks like a proud Mom holding her cub.
    The colors are so hmmm.

  2. Liz,
    my time of comment says 4:04 and I will have you know it is only 7:05. Just did not want you to lose any sleep - bout that.

  3. I like the contrast of the yellow chair holding the pot of blue flowers. The shades and the light black outline makes the colors pop.
    Verrry pretty!

    Do you teach or sell your work?

  4. Joyce-
    Like your JOY rock! Have been painting for many years now but am still learning. Love the meditative part of art which provides the calm to my busy days. Yes I do sell my work and have been considering starting a painting class in my home one night a week during the winter.

    Yeah I think I was thinking of Grandma and Grandpa T when I did this one. Remember how he used to sit on his green metal chair and wait for the last chicken to enter the coop!